Find Your Treasure

When I purchased my first home a little over a year ago (pictured above), I quickly realized how expensive home decoration pieces are. I also found that many times a particular item I wanted was not in the color I needed for a certain room in my house. I wanted to create this blog to share tips and ideas on how to decorate your space without spending a fortune and to help create that perfect look you desire for each room.

My best advice is to always think outside of the box and always look at the item’s entire potential. The old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” really applies when decorating on a budget. Garage sales are perfect places to find decorating projects for great prices. An old dresser with a few scratches and missing a knob can turn into a beautiful and perfect addition to your home with a few tools, paint and new knobs.  Refreshing an old dresser and making it perfectly fit your color scheme can be done for under $50 and in little time.

Not all projects have to come from old or recycled materials. You can mold and form new materials into something completely different than it’s originally intended purpose. is a great example of molding something from it’s original form into something completely new.  It compiles user-submitted projects, originating from only IKEA furniture and then made into different items and uses. My personal favorite is an example where they purchased IKEA glass shelves and used them as a backsplash for a kitchen (Photo featured on the right). Taking something from it’s original intent and turning it into an entirely different concept is key when decorating on a budget. It will also save you a fortune!

I am looking forward to sharing my tips and tricks for creative and classy decorations to help make your home look stunning.
Please feel free to share any of your ideas!


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2 responses to “Find Your Treasure

  1. marcy stafford

    thanks for the great tips! we definitely share the same mindset-one man’s trash is another man’s treasure certainly applies to my decorating style. i love original, personal items that speak about my life and my family. i also enjoy creating my own pieces- especially when i am creating not only treasures to decorate my home, but the wonderful time i get to share when creating projects with my daughter.

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