Genie in a Bottle…

A quick and neat way to make ordinary bottles into a great decor piece is simple.

Instead of recycling those glass bottles, you can make them into a unique piece for any room in your home. You can either collect bottles of the same size for a symmetrical effect or obtain many different sizes and shapes. Saving old magazines with interesting and artistic pictures can also be incorporated into the design.

First purchase Modge Podge, paint and brushes at a local home craft store. Before attaching any of  the photos from a magazine, paint the bottle any color, design or text and let it fully dry. After that is done, cut out your image and place it over the bottle. Use the Hodge Podge to seal the picture onto the bottle. After the Modge Podge has completely dried and glued the image, it’s ready for your home!

You can display the bottles by themselves or you can fill them with any kind of item. Sand, beads, flowers or even a string of lights would add the extra flair you might be craving. It’s really up to you and whatever you would like to create.

Let each person in your family decorate one, no matter of their age. With proper supervision for the young ones, it can even be a fun activity for the whole family – and a great representation of each member’s personality and a conversation piece!

Special thanks to my friend Allison Guilliams for the awesome idea and photos!


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2 responses to “Genie in a Bottle…

  1. Halley this is a Great idea for decorating!! I Love arts and crafts so this would be a fun activity! I might try filling one with sand so I can feel like I’m at the beach, or maybe some fresh flowers to brighten up the day!
    Thanks for another awesome idea!! 🙂

  2. Hi Halley, this is amazing. I just love glass especially bottles. I hope you don’t mind if I boast about it on my blog. Keep up the upcycling trend.

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