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Social Media

A few years ago if someone would have told me Twitter would grow to become a multi-million user social media tool, I never would have believed them. I started using my personal Twitter account (@HalleySuzy) in March of 2007 as a great way to bulk message my friends. I have grown to love Twitter as a tool to meet new people, know what my friends are up to and network with people in my field. I love all that Twitter has encompassed over the years and how much it has grown!

By creating a twitter account I wanted to network and build relationships with people in the Broadcast Journalism field, stay current on the latest news and read about a the interesting adventures of stranger’s daily life.

Twitter is a great way to communicate! For example, I follow Beverly Kidd from Channel 3 in Phoenix (@bevtv) and tweet at her occasionally. I recently told her I was applied for the internship at Good Evening Arizona with her and she replied “Yay! Good luck:) RT @HalleySuzy: Just put in my requests for internship interviews. Of course GEAZ with @bevtv was my top pick! :)” ¬†Without Twitter, I would not have been able to communicate and network with Beverly Kidd or any other journalist.

I think Twitter and blogging are essential to a journalist’s work. Blogs allow instant feedback and Twitter gives the opportunity for communication unlike before. Both tools are essential in social media and bringing the audience and the media closer.

I have two seperate Twitter accounts, a personal account and a professional account. I made my personal account private as it’s somewhere I post personal tidbits about my life that I would not prefer the whole world to know about. I have a professional account that I use to update about school, journalism and current events while being able to promote my Thrifty Thinking Blog. I like having two accounts because I like the option of keeping some of my thoughts available only to the certain people I choose.

I have created a Facebook page for my Thrifty Thinking blog but I feel I have the biggest response through Twitter and my blog itself. I thought about creating an account on Fark and Reddit for ThriftyThinking, but I feel I would have better response with submitting a certain blog posts on those websites in order to receive traffic to my site. I want to avoid looking like a spammer or advertiser.

My main goal was to become prevalent in the journalism field and I feel by creating a Twitter account I have began to build the foundation to relationships with other journalists.

Overall, I have to say that I LOVE Twitter. There are many social media sites out there, but Twitter is #1 in my technological heart.

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Create a New World

Cherry Blossom Tree Wall Art


Don’t let frames stop your artwork! Thinking outside of the box (or the frame) and think about the entire space on your wall.

For my bedroom I wanted to make it into a creative space while relaxing and fun. I also wanted to incorporate both my personality and style with my boyfriend’s. I chose a wall in the bedroom that isn’t covered by furniture and a rectangular shape.

First I sketched out what I wanted to do with the wall. While collaborating with my boyfriend, we decided I would get to design a cherry blossom tree and he would incorporate artwork by Banksy. We found two images that go really well together and exemplify both of our personalities.

Paint a background color first if you have a color chosen. Let that dry and then begin to start painting. For the cherry blossom tree, I cut out cardboard in the shape of the blossoms so I can easily trace the outline with a pencil and then paint in the corresponding color. For the other designs you can draw freehand and then paint within your lines.

The design possibilities are endless! Painting an entire room can really bring a whole different atmosphere into the area. A jungle in a children’s room or a picket fence and clothes line in a laundry room really can bring a unique style to any room in your home.

What are you going to create with your space?

Banksy Artwork


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