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A few years ago if someone would have told me Twitter would grow to become a multi-million user social media tool, I never would have believed them. I started using my personal Twitter account (@HalleySuzy) in March of 2007 as a great way to bulk message my friends. I have grown to love Twitter as a tool to meet new people, know what my friends are up to and network with people in my field. I love all that Twitter has encompassed over the years and how much it has grown!

By creating a twitter account I wanted to network and build relationships with people in the Broadcast Journalism field, stay current on the latest news and read about a the interesting adventures of stranger’s daily life.

Twitter is a great way to communicate! For example, I follow Beverly Kidd from Channel 3 in Phoenix (@bevtv) and tweet at her occasionally. I recently told her I was applied for the internship at Good Evening Arizona with her and she replied “Yay! Good luck:) RT @HalleySuzy: Just put in my requests for internship interviews. Of course GEAZ with @bevtv was my top pick! :)” ¬†Without Twitter, I would not have been able to communicate and network with Beverly Kidd or any other journalist.

I think Twitter and blogging are essential to a journalist’s work. Blogs allow instant feedback and Twitter gives the opportunity for communication unlike before. Both tools are essential in social media and bringing the audience and the media closer.

I have two seperate Twitter accounts, a personal account and a professional account. I made my personal account private as it’s somewhere I post personal tidbits about my life that I would not prefer the whole world to know about. I have a professional account that I use to update about school, journalism and current events while being able to promote my Thrifty Thinking Blog. I like having two accounts because I like the option of keeping some of my thoughts available only to the certain people I choose.

I have created a Facebook page for my Thrifty Thinking blog but I feel I have the biggest response through Twitter and my blog itself. I thought about creating an account on Fark and Reddit for ThriftyThinking, but I feel I would have better response with submitting a certain blog posts on those websites in order to receive traffic to my site. I want to avoid looking like a spammer or advertiser.

My main goal was to become prevalent in the journalism field and I feel by creating a Twitter account I have began to build the foundation to relationships with other journalists.

Overall, I have to say that I LOVE Twitter. There are many social media sites out there, but Twitter is #1 in my technological heart.

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